HyperCode Demo

You can explore the sample HyperCode source tree immediately, or read below to find our more about what you will be seeing.

What is Hypercode?

Hypercode is a basic component of the Global Cooperative Computing framework and functionally is to source code why hypertext is to text. Specifically, it has some major improvements over the traditional code understanding environment. Hypercode is densely hyperlinked to ease understanding and comprehension of code. For instance, clicking on a call takes you back to the original definition and such. In addition, hypercode also supports some capabilities that take advantage of the vast interconnectedness of networks today. Hypercode supports users and machines to attach comments and statistics to lines of code with the click of a button. In addition, the Global Cooperative Computing initiative calls for the existence of central servers where code can be stored for easy retrieval and possible incorporation into programs by new smart compilers.

Features of Hypercode

This demo is designed to show many of the useful features of Hypercode.

Code Links

Hypercode adds links to code to make interpretation and understanding of code much simpler. Currently implemented and planned code links are:


In addition, Hypercode also should support the easy addition of comments and notes. These comments are not actually part of the original underlying source code as /* comments are, but instead are a part of the hypercode version of the program. Comments can be generated by humans or machines and include: