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Design Patterns for Reconfigurable Computing

Article by André DeHon, Joshua Adams, Michael DeLorimier, Nachiket Kapre, Yuki Matsuda, Helia Naeimi, Michael Vanier, and Michael Wrighton published in Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM2004, April 20--23, 2004). p. 13--23.

It is valuable to identify and catalog design patterns for reconfigurable computing. These design patterns are canonical solutions to common and recurring design challenges which arise in reconfigurable systems and applications. The catalog can form the basis for creating designs, for educating new designers, for understanding the needs of tools and languages, and for discussing reconfigurable design. Tying application and implementation lessons to the expansion and refinement of this catalog will make those lessons more relevant to the design community. In this paper, we articulate this role for design patterns in reconfigurable computing, provide a few example patterns, offer a starting point for the contents of the catalog, and discuss the potential benefits of this effort.

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