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Array-Based Architecture for FET-Based, Nanoscale Electronics

Article by André DeHon appearing in IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, Volume 2, Number 1, Pages 23--32, Mar 2003.

Advances in our basic scientific understanding at the molecular and atomic level place us on the verge of engineering designer structures with key features at the single nanometer scale. This offers us the opportunity to design computing systems at what may be the ultimate limits on device size. At this scale, we are faced with new challenges and a new cost structure which motivates different computing architectures than we found efficient and appropriate in conventional VLSI. We sketch a basic architecture for nanoscale electronics based on carbon nanotubes, silicon nanowires, and nano-scale FETs. This architecture can provide universal logic functionality with all logic and signal restoration operating at the nanoscale. The key properties of this architecture are its minimalism, defect tolerance, and compatibility with emerging, bottom-up, nanoscale fabrication techniques. The architecture further supports micro-to-nanoscale interfacing for communication with conventional integrated circuits and bootstrap loading.