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Radial Addressing of Nanowires

Article by John E. Savage, Eric Rachlin, André DeHon, Charles M. Lieber, and Yue Wu appearing in ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems, Volume 2, Number 2, Pages 129--154, April 2006.

We introduce radial encoding of nanowires (NWs), a new method of differentiating and controlling NWs by a small set of mesoscale wires for use in crossbar memories. We describe methods of controlling these NWs and give efficient manufacturing algorithms. These new encoding and decoding methods do not suffer from the misalignment characteristic of flow-aligned NWs. They achieve comparable effective pitch and resulting memory density with axially encoded NWs, while avoiding potential cases of address ambiguity and simplifying NW preparation. We also explore hybrid axial/radial encodings and show that they offer no net benefit over pure codes.