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Dinner with Randy 2021, Philadelphia, PA

Left to Right: Hans Giesen, André DeHon, Randy Huang, DJ Park, Ezra Thomas, Yuanlong Xiao

ICFPT 2019, Tianjin, China

Left to Right: Zhaoyang Han, Vipula Sateesh, André DeHon, Yuanlong Xiao

IC Lab Sign 2018, Philadelphia, PA

Brunch with Walter Korn 2018, Philadelphia, PA

FCCM 2018, Boulder, CO

FPGA 2015, Monterey Harbor

Left to Right: Brooke Fugate, Hans Giesen, André DeHon, Nick Roessler, Edin Kadric,

FCCM 2014, Boston Gardens

Left to Right: Brooke Fugate, Benjamin Gojman, André DeHon, Edin Kadric, Nachiket Kapre, Udit Dhawan

IC Group with Ducklings in Boston Gardens

Inspired by Benjamin Gojman's work with DUKs
Left to Right: Benjamin Gojman, Nachiket Kapre, André DeHon, Udit Dhawan

FPGA 2014, 17 Mile Drive

Left to Right: Kunal Mahajan, André DeHon, Brooke Fugate, Benjamin Gojman, Edin Kadric

FPGA 2010, Monterey

New Lab Pictures

Korn IC Lab Dedication 2008, UPenn

Left to Right: Benjamin Gojman, Michael deLorimier, André DeHon, Nachiket Kapre, Marlene Korn, Rafi Rubin, Walter Korn.

IC Students waiting at the Gates of Hell (Stanford, FCCM 2008)

Left to Right: Benjamin Gojman, Michael deLorimier, Raphael Rubin.

FPGA 2007, Monterey

Left to Right: Nikil Mehta, Benjamin Gojman, André DeHon, Raphael Rubin, Helia Naeimi, Michael deLorimier, Nachiket Kapre.

A crazy video of the lab taken by Shep shows everyone enjoying the CA sun!

FCCM 2006, Napa Valley

Left to Right(Standing): Michael deLorimier, Michael Wilson, Helia Naeimi, Nachiket Kapre. Henry Barnor, Nikil Mehta, Benjamin Gojman, Concetta Pilotto Raphael Rubin.
Sitting: André DeHon,

FPGA 2006, Monterey

Left to Right: André DeHon, Benjamin Gojman(behind), Dominic Rizzo(front), Nikil Mehta (back), Concetta Pilotto (front), Raphael Rubin(back), Helia Naeimi(front), Michael deLorimier, Nachiket Kapre.

Matter-Retreat 2005, Santa Barbara

Matter Retreat, Santa Barabara in Summer 2005.

FPGA 2005, Monterey

Left to Right: André DeHon, Michael Wrighton, Helia Naeimi(front), Dominic Rizzo(back), Michael deLorimier(front), Nikil Mehta(back), Nachiket Kapre(back), Raphael Rubin(front).

Legoland 2003, Oceanside

Left to Right: Michael Theilman, Raphael Rubin, Michael Wilson, Michael Wrighton, Stephan Lavavej, André DeHon, Michael deLorimier, Helia Naeimi, Ruxandra Paun, Yuki Matsuda, Ben Pelletier.

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Room# 315, 200 South 33rd Street, Electrical and Systems Engineering Department, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, PA 19104.